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Simply Speakers Recone Kits For Original Advents, Etc..

Doug G.

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Among many others, I have two Advent woofers which were originally Masonite woofers from a very early pair. I bought the speakers from a guy who lived in Rochester, MN but was originally from out east. He said his parents bought these, possibly right from the factory in Cambridge when they lived right down the street from the Advent factory in 1970. He was moving back east and didn't want to take them with him. Lucky me.

Anyway, at some point over the years, somebody had replaced the original cones and Masonite rings with some 12" plastic cones. The surrounds on them were gone so I never had a chance to hear the speakers with those in them. I had a couple of spare originals so I have been using the speakers with those but decided I want to restore the original woofers to the original configuration.

I bought two recone kits from Simply Speakers and they arrived today. They appear to be very good quality, the cones are virtually identical to original Advent cones - thick, ribbed, and relatively heavy with the appearance of having been made the same way.

Before I start, I want to know exactly how to determine the position of the cone along the voice coil former so the voice coil is centered in the top gap plate so I have some research to do there or calculate it. There is also the possibility of reusing the original voice coils/formers as it looks to me that's what they did when they installed the plastic cones. I will be able to tell better once I remove those cones from the frames. I know the originals are copper (brass?)/aluminum and the Simply Speaker ones are Kapton.

I also need to either find a couple of Masonite rings or make them, which I don't really want to do. Does anybody know a source or have a couple they could sell?

And now, me being a person who dislikes encyclopedic posts, have gone and done it, myself.



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I should post the weights of the Simply Speakers recone kit components:

Cone - 15 grams

Voice Coil/Former - 12 grams

Spider - 3 grams

The total weight, adding in the weight of glue, surround, and leads, is 35 grams. This seems to be comparable to the weight of the original Advent cone assembly.

One of these days, I will get back to this project and post.


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