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Online Estate Sale Prices Realized Tonight AR-4, AR-4x, Heil ess AMT1 speakers


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An online auction closed tonight.  The photos were crappy and left a lot to guess at.  I watched three pair of speakers:  AR-4, AR-4x and Heil ess AMT1.

For each pair, there was a photo of the speaker fronts, grills on and then one photo from the back of one speaker showing the ID.

I bid 125 on the 4s and 135 on the 4x speakers.  There is a 15% premium to be paid on top of the winning bid so I valued the 4x pair at $150 and slightly less for the pair of 4.

One guy dropped out on both pair of AR after outbidding me.  Another guy came in before closing and won both pair.  

The AR-4 speakers sold for $210.  He bid $245 on the pair of 4x speakers.  The Heil speakers went for $665.

I can drive 20 minutes and pick up a pair of 4x speakers for $176 plus tax.  I think he overpaid on both pair of AR speakers, but you may disagree?

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