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AR2aX post 70's schematics

Guest jsukovi

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Guest jsukovi

Hello, I would like to rebuild a set of "altered" original AR2aX crossovers, but most wires were removed from the pots, clipped short off the cap. Would anyone have a jpg of a complete crossover or a hand drawn schematic? These would be the 4 bolt, 11" woofer version with CTS caps, 6Uf and 4Uf combined.

Thanks very much..


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Please go to the Classic Speakers Library. click on *Acoustic Research*, then scroll all the way to the bottom and click on *Documents.* You will find the schematic of the 2ax in that section. I belive the 4- and 6-uF caps would be tweeter and mid, respectively.

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The library schematic appears to differ somewhat from the my 1972 AR-2ax crossover shown in the attached photos.

In this one the crossover components (1.88mh woofer inductor and 4/6uf combo cap) are connected to the negative (#1) cabinet input terminal. They all go to the negative side of the drivers (via the yellow wire from the pots' "B" terminals to the tweeter and mid, and the light blue wire to the woofer after the inductor).

The #2/T positive cabinet input terminals connect the red wire (woofer), green wire (mid via #2 pot terminal) and black wire (tweeter via the other #2 pot terminal) to the positive sides of the drivers.

Roy C



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