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ADS L1290/2 Crossover Removal


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Hi all, I'm enjoying my L1290/2s with R. So rebuilt domes.  Presently I have them set up in a horizontal biamp configuration, which I may describe in the future in the "Biamping the Big ADS Models" thread.

I'd like to inspect the crossovers but have not so far been able to remove them from the cabinets via the opening in the base. 

Has anyone succeeded in removing the crossovers and, if so, could you describe how you accomplished it?


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Following up on this.

I successfully removed the crossovers from both L1290/2s.  Removal is very straightforward:  Remove the four 3 mm hex socket head screws, one in each corner of the crossovers.  Gently pry the left side of the crossover away from the cabinet, then pull the crossover out and to the left until the 8 spade terminals, lugs, and wires are visible on the right.  Remove the spade lugs and wires using a plier, hemostat, or possibly a flat blade screwdriver, noting the wire color-to-terminal mapping first.  E.g., take a photo.    The unit will then be free from the cabinet and drivers.




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I sent them off to R. So who replaced the caps, a couple of broken binding posts, and the tweeter control & bi-amp switches.  As I did them both at once I was unable to do an A/B before/after comparison but the sound (with the rebuilt mids and tweeters, which I _did_ to an A/B comparison with) remains pleasing.




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