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  1. Hi all, I'm enjoying my L1290/2s with R. So rebuilt domes. Presently I have them set up in a horizontal biamp configuration, which I may describe in the future in the "Biamping the Big ADS Models" thread. I'd like to inspect the crossovers but have not so far been able to remove them from the cabinets via the opening in the base. Has anyone succeeded in removing the crossovers and, if so, could you describe how you accomplished it? Thanks! Tim
  2. TD1

    L1290/2 grille solution

    The images you embedded (if in fact they are images) did not render correctly on three browsers across two platforms. The grille edges are car door edging! Available on eBay.
  3. I'd like to share what I've done w/r/t replacing the grilles on new-to-me L1290/2s, in the hope it may help someone else here. I'm not recommending what I've done, but it works OK for me. The speakers were purchased from a guy in VT who had opportunity to deliver them to a location not far from my house in Metro West Boston. The speakers were in decent shape but were supplied without grilles. Nothing wrong with leaving the drivers exposed, but those domes are finger magnets, so I wanted grilles one way or another. They don't seem to be available as used items. Richard So didn't
  4. TD1

    Ads l1290

    Nice job on the grilles! I have been thinking about making a set out of wood (spruce or basswood) and fabric. i would like to retain the original mounts but that isn't strictly required. Could you provide a bit more detail on what you did to refinish them? Thanks! Tim
  5. TD1

    Ads l1290

    I have not yet done anything with the crossovers. I don't have a reason to think they need work, beyond their age. On a related note (ha ha), I am in the middle of a bi-amp experiment, which I will describe in the 'bi-amping the big ADS' thread, probably later this week. I've also come up with an OK solution for the grilles, which I can also describe separately. Good luck with your repairs! Tim
  6. TD1

    Ads l1290

    I bought a pair of L1290/2s sometime in late 2019 or early 2020, before the pandemic. They were in good cosmetic condition but lacked grilles. One of the mids was damaged. While researching the purchase I came across refrerences to, and positive remarks about, Richard So and his repair service. The speakers souded good, or so I thought, but eventually I decided to have the damaged mid and tweeter from the same cabinet rebuilt. So I took them out - not easy, but not hard, following his guidance - packed them up carefully and sent them off. They were back in about 10 days. Doing o
  7. Will do - thank you!
  8. Hi all, I'm new to this forum. I'm presently renewing my interest in high fidelity sound, using vintage components. I live west of Boston and recently retired after 40+ years working in computer systems and telecom equipment engineering development. I hope the pandemic is giving everyone a chance to enjoy their music that much more. Last year I picked up a pair of L1290/2. The speakers I wished I'd owned (and wished I could afford) as a youth. I've had a pair of L700 II since 1980 or so and owned a pair of L810s for a while (which I bought opportunistically, 2nd hand at the now-def
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