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AR-4x level control


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I think I might be having a problem with one. I have a pair of AR-4x's, and one has much stronger tweeter output than the other when the level controls are set to "normal". They have both been cleaned, and they operate with no dropouts. I have also replaced the capacitors in the crossover. I tried swapping the tweeter and nothing changed. The only thing I can think of is the level control. Does anyone here have an extra working level control that they would be willing to sell??

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>one has much stronger tweeter output than the

>other when the level controls are set to "normal"

Hi Joe,

Some things to check out before springing for a new pot:

1-Make sure the pots are installed with the pot body tab in the crossover

board notch.

If they aren't both in the notch, then "normal" will sound different for each cabinet. To eliminate that as a possibility, compare the tweeter outputs with both pots set to max. If they sound the same, then take a look at the installed position of each pot.

2-If you have the ability to check the resistance across the 3 pot terminals (with the tweeter disconnected) it may give you a clue as to whether its the pot or not...Its possible for the pots to vary by as much as 2 ohms (typically measuring between 15 and 17 ohms) across terminals #1 and #2.

3-Make sure solder connections, etc are OK.

4-There is an outside chance you could have a bad "new" cap.

5-Check your woofer inductors. 4x's were built with different woofer coils (earlier with #4/.88mh and later with #5/1.20mh). I suppose if you had one of each there could be the perception of greater tweeter output from the one with the smaller woofer inductor. I doubt that is your problem.

If you strike out, email me as I have some extra pots.

Roy C.

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Guest dogmeninreno

>Both inductors are the same, and all of my connections look

>good. Both pots are also seated correctly. The pot which I

>think is bad, was really badly corroded before I cleaned it.

I have several pots also if you need one. I would try bypassing the pot first..Dale

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