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Any interest in some refurbished AR3a/LST tweeters?


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My amazing audio technician benefactor is gifting me a pair of AR LST's so that I can restore them to their former glory. Their cabinets are in fine condition and I believe the bass and mid drivers are all working well.

But it seems the only big challenge, and one I can't possible tackle, is their tweeters, all 8 of which are non-working. They are all original phenolic polydome tweeters designed for the LST, but they also are identical to the ones used in the famous AR3a. Some of them are still actually in working condition but I want the ones I use in my LST’s to be functioning identically. So I've decided to send them off to chris1this1 in New Jersey to completely rebuild them so that they are as good as when they were manufactured (thanks Chris!).

But my friend has also passed on about 5 or 6 extra tweeters in addition to the 8 I need for my speakers. I don't need these spares (or do I? - are these prone to failure even once repaired?) but I don't want to discard them, but I also doubt they are much use to anyone in their current state. So I was considering getting Chris to refurbish these spares too, in order to sell them on. My question is, would anyone here be interested in purchasing any of these tweeters either in their current, or refurbished, state?

I'm intending to send them off next week so let me know if you are interested before I do!

PS I am based in Sydney so I only want to ship these to the US once in one batch!


LST tweeter, rear.jpg

LST tweeter, front.jpg

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