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Here's a little bit of what we're watching on TV right now.

Jim Pearce

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Thanks to all of you, especially Roy c, Glenn and Jay!

Others of course, too numerous to mention or even remember!

Rebuilt Sansui 8080, rebuilt Acoustic Research 2ax, Pioneer PL-518 with Pickering XSV 3000.

Have not yet swapped out small black tweeters for red.

I have two pair rebuilt by...you know who.

I had a pretty large piece of the flange missing on one of them, do you know this guy rebuilt it with a 3D printer?

Pardon me for posting with the turntable where it is!

The sound was just so, oh, you know. I simply couldn't help myself.

XA is being worked on.

The 2axs?

I have another pair with the RC mods, Hi-Vi, etc.

And yet another pair which are project units that I am going to put the other pair of black tweeters in there along with the cloth surround woofers recently bought.

Which of course will need resealing with RC magic dust, LOL.

As I mentioned Roy, thanks especially to you... And Jay about all of the KLH stuff of which I have three pairs of sixes, one with consecutive numbers. 

I'll try to post a video of a piece that I listen to regularly but this time it brought tears to my eyes.

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