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Fisher Console

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This is a 1965 Fisher Ambassador hybrid tube console with a Dual 1009 TT.  I added the Fisher KS-1 external speakers at ear level per the Fisher pamphlet directions.  Both the console and the KS-1's are 3 ways.  

The system can fill the room with sound, although not overpowering.  It is well matched with a warm sound at medium sound levels.   The externals would work better on an opposite wall but space limited to this setup.  Bluetooth has been added to the Aux input so can play anything on the net. 

I thought I would share a different style of 'listening area' with vintage east coast hardware.  It has been very interesting to setup during these WFH times.

Fisher Ambassador.JPG

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Audio Systems of the Rich & Famous

Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong (trumpeter) - Dual model 1019 turntable Tandberg 6X reel-to-reel tape deck (2) Marantz 10-B FM Tuner Marantz Stereo Console preamplifier Marantz 240 amplifier Acoustic Research 3A speakers

Leonard Bernstein (conductor, composer) - In penthouse work area: 4 channel Fisher system

Aaron Copeland (composer) - FM Tuner turntable with 16"Audac arm & cartridge Ampex 600 tape recorder Musician's Amplifier Altec 604 infinite baffle speakers

John F. Kennedy (U.S. president) - In White House: Fisher system

Paul Shaffer (band leader) - Sequerra FM tuner VPI turntable Sony SACD player Pass Labs pre amp (?) Pass Labs monoblock amplifiers Eggleston Works speakers

Frank Sinatra (singer) - Clairtone Arizona G console stereo

Isaac Stern (violinist) - Audio Research tube electronics Magnaplaner speakers

Arturo Toscanini (conductor) - Tape Library in basement: RCA 16" Transcription turntable, then Jerry Minter 16" Transcription turntable early Westrex disc cutting lathe Pultec pre amp (custom made for AT) Musician's Amplifier (Nov. 1949 by David Sarser) Altec 604 and Olson LC-1A speakers - Main Hall: Altec Voice of the Theater (furniture finish)

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