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  1. Hello, Any idea what are these speakers? The label on the grill just says X6. The label on rear is gone. The binding posts are the old screw type. Walnut veneer. I think Fisher used these Shigoto mid drivers so I am guessing Fisher but thought someone here might know. They are nice working speakers and sound OK for themselves. The were cheap at a resale store so picked them up as a project. Acoustic suspension with stuffing, no crossover block, just inline caps, 8 ohm. 12 inch woofer- not sure of the datecode, but 1956 is part of the ink stamped- I would have suspected late 60's
  2. Audio Systems of the Rich & Famous Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong (trumpeter) - Dual model 1019 turntable Tandberg 6X reel-to-reel tape deck (2) Marantz 10-B FM Tuner Marantz Stereo Console preamplifier Marantz 240 amplifier Acoustic Research 3A speakers Leonard Bernstein (conductor, composer) - In penthouse work area: 4 channel Fisher system Aaron Copeland (composer) - FM Tuner turntable with 16"Audac arm & cartridge Ampex 600 tape recorder Musician's Amplifier Altec 604 infinite baffle speakers John F. Kennedy (U.S. president) - In White House: Fisher system Paul
  3. The console went for about $1,200 in 1965 or about $9,800 today.........
  4. This is a 1965 Fisher Ambassador hybrid tube console with a Dual 1009 TT. I added the Fisher KS-1 external speakers at ear level per the Fisher pamphlet directions. Both the console and the KS-1's are 3 ways. The system can fill the room with sound, although not overpowering. It is well matched with a warm sound at medium sound levels. The externals would work better on an opposite wall but space limited to this setup. Bluetooth has been added to the Aux input so can play anything on the net. I thought I would share a different style of 'listening area' with vintage east coa
  5. Jeff- You are correct- AR-1 woofer is pleated. I was not able to see any datecode on the 755 mounting flange due to the grille support. Also- yes, the finish is mahogany and it is in good shape- not perfect. The lacquer finish was pretty used up, the blo brought some shine back. This speaker appears to be untouched and original.
  6. Funny story about that speaker set. It was unused for years, foam rotted out, some gaps due to water damage or having things stacked on them in a barn. Lots of sanding, shimming with toothpicks and sealing with wood glue followed by the oiling and refoaming later- well wire them in and both woofers and one tweeter work. Disassemble the bad tweeter, clean the gaps and still inop. Had a spare diaphragm from a Klipsh K79 and the diameter looks similar- so try it out and it is a drop in! Now the tweeter is fully functional with some good highs from a new titanium diaphragm!
  7. Hi Dan, I am in Big Rapids area. thx
  8. Hi Pete, BLO is usually clear or slightly yellow. We use it or pure tung oil on older military surplus rifles stocks. If you looked on odcmp.org there are multiple threads on care given to collector stocks. Multiple thin and hand rubbed coats can give a deep chatoyance to the wood grain. It can easily be repaired with spot applications as necessary unlike a shellac or varnish which sets. Real wood speaker veneers or solids can look real nice even if aged. Attached is a picture of a 60's M1 in birch in front of a 70's Cerwin Vega R12- both hand oiled. thx- Tom
  9. Hello, I recently came into this AR-1 34xx serial number. Before listing elsewhere I thought I would offer to this forum- as mentioned in one of your threads. It works in both drivers. The grill has not been pulled away to verify the 755. There are plenty of nicks and dents but it looks nice with just boiled linseed oil hand rubbed into the veneer. I live in mid Michigan if any members are close to the area- shipping something this heavy would be difficult. I also have the amp driver- Mcintosh C8 preamp, Heathkit Williamson AM-1 with power supply and mono block (807 tubes) if inte
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