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AR Electronics Service Manual


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A big thanks to Bob Van der Veen for sending me the AR Electronics Service Manual. It has taken me far too long to get this new material online, but now that I've found a local copy shop with a high quality scanner, things should be up faster. I have a couple high-end scanners, but none with a 11"x17" scanning surface.

Please see the AR Electronics section of the library:


I scanned in 200-300dpi depending on the physical size of each page being scanned, because I wanted good detail on the schematics. The zip file may take some time to download for those of you on dial-up, but at less than 50mb I think it's worth the wait for the quality.

I noticed page 24 is missing. I'll follow-up with Bob to find out if he may have it on his end, or whether there is a page 24 at all.


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