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I  have a pair of  KLH Model 6's that are identical cabinet wise but the serial numbers are far apart....2398 and 31253....hard to think they were bought as a pair, perhaps the 31253 was a warranty replacement or a single was bought to replace a damaged cabinet......anyway these are in excellent shape for their age and I believe both these have the epoxied baffle common in the early models.....I also assume at least the lower serial number has the oil caps used early on, but not so sure about the later serial number.....they sound fine and like most others I don't want to tackle the recap if the oil caps are still good.....there is also the issue of cutting off the original grill cloth to reseal the surrounds and having to replace the grills....I have a later pair that has been recapped and resealed as well......I know there are varying opinions as to when the oil caps were phased out and I believe it was much after 31253 would have been built......can anyone shed any light here?

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the latest I've been able to verify PIO caps is about system # 18xxx

A few people have been able to knock out the front baffle of the early systems
from the back and save the grill cloth. There are apparently a couple of screws
or some kind of fastener on each side of the front about midway down.

Either way, entry from the back isn't all that difficult. I put a pair of Fours on saw
horses, terminal plate down, to chip out the epoxy tub. All the shrapnel fell on the
floor, not in the cabinet. 



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Thank you for taking the time to reply.  I know these both have glued on grills and the marine plywood back. I am fairly confident that the 2398 serial number has the PIO caps, but the 31253 is anybody's guess.  According to your info it appears they likely do not. I think I will keep these intact until something becomes obviously wrong with one or both of them.  Again thanks for your reply and posting the info.

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