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AR18 Tweeter /Restoration/Refurbishing 200014-3


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Hello all,

Over the last few months I have been noticing that my left speaker has been becoming dull. Initially blaming it on room acoustics and my ears, Ive decided to investigate the issue. It turns out that the left tweeter is "seized " and has very little movement compared to the other one. So I pulled out my spare tweeters(older) and discovered that one of them exhibits the same difference in movement. So I have used the "good ones" from the pair and used them for now. But I still hear a mild difference. As in the image sort of shift to the better tweeter especially in recording with female voices. Also the silver outer of the tweeter now don't match and the paper colour is slightly different and this is driving me nuts! So I want to go ahead and do an all out restoration on both the pair. 

 What would you advice me to do? Turn it in to a professional ? Or try the DIY method? If there is professional who can do a great job on this, I don't mind shipping them to the US or UK (I'm from India). Theses speakers are very dear to me and hold a lot of sentimental value. So I don't mind spending some monies on them!

Any pointer to the professional who can do this or a DIY kit would be highly appreciated !

Many Thanks,


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