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Ebay Kept It Going (Allison)


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It’s been around 22 years now since the writing was on the wall for Allison Acoustics.

back then, I needed a woofer for an Allison One and realized the company was failing.

Six weeks of waiting and inquiring, then finally, two woofers that looked nothing like the originals showed up here.

Fast forward, I got familiar with the Ebay marketplace around the same time.

What a wonderful thing in retrospect, that I was able to keep an ongoing search there for anything “Allison” , until I built up a satisfactory stash of parts (mostly drivers) to keep the sound going for a lifetime beyond the demise of the company.

Currently, I’m maintaining a 29 driver surround system that’s all Allison, except for one which is the Velodyne Subwoofer.

Velodyne is dead also....that company has left audio and put their resources into autonomous vehicle technology of all things!



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