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Guest russwollman

And I must say, Dan, that you bring those qualities here often, and they—and you—are finer than gold.

An excellent little book and very timely is this one—"Words that Hurt, Words that Heal", by Rabbi Joseph Telushkin, available at small cost from Amazon. Taken to heart, the Rabbi's words could change the world.

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Guest russwollman

And I owe it to you to let you know I read your thank-you. This is the thing about internet communications: that the normal give-and-take of face-to-face interaction is delayed and sometimes absent.

You're a warm and humble fellow. It's very good. Here's a little story from a graduation speech by Bill Moyers. You'll like it. I know this is a speaker talk board, but every now and then, it's nice to get out of the box, so to speak ;-).

"Let me tell you one of my favorite stories. I read it a long time ago and it's stayed with me. There was a man named Shalom Aleicheim. He was one of the accursed of the Earth. Every misfortune imaginable befell him. He lost his wife, his children neglected him, his

house burned down, his job disappeared--everything he touched turned to dust. Yet through all this Shalom kept returning good for evil everywhere he could until he died. When the angels heard he was arriving at Heaven's gate, they hurried down to greet him. Even the Lord was there, so great was this man's fame for goodness. It was the custom in Heaven that every newcomer was interrogated by the prosecuting angel, to assure that all trespasses on Earth had been atoned.

But when Shalom reached those gates, the prosecuting angel arose, and for the first time in the memory of Heaven, said, "There are no charges." Then the angel for the defense arose and rehearsed all the hardships this man had endured and recounted how in all the

difficult circumstances of his life he had remained true to himself and returned good for evil.

When the angel was finished, the Lord said, "Not since Job himself have we heard of a life such as this one."

And then, turning to Shalom, he said, "Ask, and it shall be given to you."

The old man raised his eyes and said, "Well, if I could start every day with a hot buttered roll..." And at that the Lord and all the angels wept, at the preciousness of what he was asking for, at the beauty of simple things : a buttered roll, a clean bed, a beautiful summer day, someone to love and be loved by. These supply joy and meaning on this earthly journey."

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Have to agree with you and russ. Great people in the forum. It's the little things like taking time to answer a question, researching for a more difficult question, sharing extra 'stuff'. I think we're all really here for one thing;

A Love of Music

If we didn't enjoy music, for us played through classic speakers, then there would be no need for this or any other audio forum. What makes this forum special is the people. Sharing what we know, and though sometimes disagreeing in ideas and opinions, respecting the right of others to have an opinion.

It seems that if we are not a family then we are the best of friends.

Take care and thanks to all my friends who are there when needed.


Russ - liked your story. Guess for me it comes down to the idea that sometimes the simplest things are what make life so wonderful - like good friends.

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Guest kfarrand

Enjoy the comaraderie here. Vern reached out to offer help with a damaged 'vintage' AR-3a and it was appreciated. The tennor of discussion here is quite friendly and one of the reasons I drop in more often than I would otherwise. Thanks all for your friendly helpful and informative posts . . .

Kevin Manson


AR-3as (2 Pair) # Dynaco A-25s (2 Pair) # Nakamichi Tri Tracer 700 # Revox A-77 # Dynaco Stereo 416 and Stereo 70 # Dynaco PAS 3's # Harman Kardon AVR 520 Receiver # KLH Model Eleven Portable # H. H. Scott LK-72 Intergrated Amp & Apple 12" Powerbook G4

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I grew up in a household of classical music, jazz, and hi-fi equipment. I remember when I was a teenager, and my father replaced his big floorstanding 15” 3-way Goodmans with AR-4x’s. The 4x’s were so much better—-top to bottom—-that I was amazed. That was the final “hook” that got me interested in stereo equipment. It was 1969.

From that point onward, my Dad and I would literally spend hours together, listening to music and talking about gear, especially AR speakers. My two older cousins—-themselves both accomplished jazz musicians—-both owned 3a’s, so that really cemented things for me.

As I got into my late high school years, a natural rivalry developed between myself (AR) and my friends (Advents), and lots of, shall we say, “spirited” discussions ensued. The fact that by that time, all the local stereo shops were disparaging AR and doing their best to cast them in very unfavorable light during A-B comparisons only heightened my interest in the sales and marketing aspect of the business. So both the engineering and marketing interest in AR was well-established in me well before I even went to college.

My Dad passed away some years ago. My two older cousins are still as interested in speakers and music as ever. We speak to each other often, and get together for “listening sessions” whenever we’re in town together. You fine folks on the Forum have become a very important part of this life-long interest of mine. It’s wonderful to exchange information, opinions, and experiences about these great old speakers, because it keeps things going and lets all of us share in the satisfaction that this hobby brings to us.

Steve F.

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Guest denmarkdrivers

Nice memebers indeed, funny reading some of the other posts becuase i dident even buy my first sound system untill 1997

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