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Advent Legacy II Help with Sudden Loss of Frequency Response?

Mike B

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I have been using a pair of Advent Legacy II speakers as studio monitors (I know they color everything but they look great and I like the sound :-) 

Just now, suddenly, both speakers lost a bunch of sound pressure and most high and low frequencies. This was not while listening, and since I am noodling around with a mixer and microphones it is possible some signal went down to them like feedback from a monitored mic or something. When I played material back through them I noticed the distortion (extra horrifying because I can not sing and was listening back to a vocal track to experiment with.) I know it was them because I swapped them around with another system and the distortion follows them.
My question is, what might have happened to the both of them? I am leaning toward the crossovers blowing, but I don't know how that would happen.

My other question is if it is possible, or worth it to repair them?

Is there anyone good around Providence RI who would troubleshoot and/or repair them?

I got a great deal on them on ebay a few years back because the seller would not ship - they are pristine like furniture and have always sounded really great until now. And I love them even more because they are the exact speakers I had way back in the 80's when I bought them for real money at the long defunct Lechmere in Deham MA!

Thanks for any help!



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I have a pair of Legacy II speakers that I refoamed. I understand your love for them.

The first thing to do is to pull the grills off and check the surrounds on the woofers. The surrounds are foam and have a limited life. If you have had them for a couple years, it may be time to refoam them. Look for the foam being cracked or brittle. It should be soft and supple with no breaks.

Post pictures - just make sure that they are sized to be 100k or smaller.

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