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BA T-1030 woofers


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After a long back & forth with Simply Speakers, they have determined I have a bad voice coil in one of my 4 woofers. It's a mechanical BLAAAAAAT sound at high listening levels.

Gleaning info off the Net, it was said by the speaker's designer that the woofers in the T1030 are not the same as the woofers in the T-1000. I'll take him at his word. I think the T-1000 has a round shape and mine are sort of squarish and that they will handle more power.

Is this correct and I should be looking only for used T-1030 woofers? Has anyone subbed in a Peerless or something of a sonic equal to the originals?




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Bill @ http://www.millersound.net/ repaired the voice coils in a set of 4 1030 woofers for me years ago. I listen to them every day & they are perfect  

His cost was very reasonable (less than buying replacements, if I remember correctly). 

In the “family” photo, he did my 1030, A70, A60, & HD5 sets.

You can call or email for a quote. Tell him Dan in Chester Springs recommended you. 

Best of luck!


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