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AR3a speakers- pair- nice condition


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Acoustic Research AR3a Acoustic Suspension Speakers. Manufactured in the Massachusetts from around 1967-76. These are legendary because they are considered some of the finest speakers ever built, and they influenced many speaker designs that came after them. The AR-3a series of speaker systems uses the 12-inch (305mm) acoustic suspension woofer with dome mid-range speaker and high-frequency tweeter. 

These are fully functioning and sound superb. The original potentiates have been dis assembled, cleaned, and adjusted. As is common with the potentiometers on vintage AR speakers, there is a little bit of scratchiness when the knobs are being turned, but once they are set in a position, no issues. I did not want to bypass them, or install new potentiometers , because I believe the integrity of the original design is important, and the speakers are still amazing sounding once you have adjusted the levels. Both woofers were professionally rebuilt by a noted AR expert. The walnut cabinets are very nice with no notable damage or defects. I have done nothing to them other than a quick wipe. The grills are also original and have some aging too them and may be recovered if the buyer so desires.

These speakers are fully functional and turn key as they sit. I believe in leaving everything as original as possible and the new owner can tweak and modify as desired. Note these are not consecutive serial numbers and most “pairs” of these you find will not be. AR did not sell pairs of speakers- they were sold individually and often had serial numbers far apart and slight differences in construction as running changes were regularly made. Each speaker measures 25" x 14" x 11.5" . Can be audtioned in person.  Located in Southern Maine near NH border.  Would be willing to deliver to Maine, NH, or VT within reason with pre payment.

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