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♫ Saturday March 21, 2020♫ New England Winter FrankenFest in West Boylston MA at the Masonic Church!

Pete B

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The original thread for this is here at AudioKarma with impressive pictures of the new place:


It’s time to get psyched up for will promise to be our must epic event yet!

Thanks to Bill aka SpikeDart who found us the site and is our local liaison. 

We are renting the Masonic Lodge - which is a converted church - This location will only be a few minutes further for folks driving from the masspike.


12 Church Street
West Boylston, MA 01583

We have the facility all day so the doors will be open at 10 AM for setup and we’ll wrap it all up by 5PM. 

Obviously, we’ll be asking people to stay and clean up any mess - we want to be invited back! 

This is a much larger an nicer space than what we’ve been using most recently in Sutton and it has a variety of areas that can be used for selling and auditioning systems.

Admission will be once again be a paltry $5 each - if you’re bringing along disinterested people they’ll be free - but anything you can contribute will certainly be appreciated.

You should enter through the front door and pay your admission fee after which you can use the side doors to bring in treasures for sale in the lower level function room.

T shirts and sweatshirt orders will be available for pick up just inside the front door as well.

There is parking in the side lot, on the street and in the field behind the building. 

The upper level auditorium area will be used for auditioning systems.
There is also a medium sized and smaller side room that can be used for auditioning systems.

The lower level will be used for selling and there’s a kitchen area.

There are a limited number of tables - if you partake of them only take one - if you can you should bring your own as well.

There are a limited number of power outlets - if you need power for a system bring extra extension cords and power strips.

Everyone should bring some appropriate snacks/drinks. Alcohol should be OK in moderation - but this hasn’t been an issue in the past and most of us are driving a fair distance so it’s best to watch your consumption.

Of course no smoking inside the facility.

I will post a Barter Town thread in about a week and link it here.



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