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Ar3a question


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Why do my AR3A's have the best bass ? They don't even have the Alnico woofers in them? This includes the 3's the 11's. Out of all of them there in the roughest shape yet they produce the best bass? I like the high end and mid range of the 3 but nothing beats the bass of the 3A's in my opinion. Is it the way it is crossed over, the cabinet, the woofer ? Someone should make a combo of those two speakers!    ARKen

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Best bass....?

Ar3a....got to agree vs ar11,ar58.....3a is soft and sweet.  Great bass.   I Think its the simple crossover that makes the bass soo good.  Its verry enjoyable bass....fluffy....smooth..

 Add a hivi, its about perfect for a 3way.    

Crappy pots?  Yup.

Crappy connections? Yup

But soft sweet easy listening...best 3way i have heard and owned.    The 3a tweeter......weak...overrated...needs a hivi or even a ar9 tweeter.   No biggie there.

4 ways?    Better...more accurate, less fluff, you get more detail.   98 series, the most underrated,unloved speaker....is actually better overall than a 3a...in accuracy,detail and no pot issue,better connections..awesome tweeters....98lsi got the midrange right.

9 series?   Top level detail, deep lows.    I just enjoy the 9s mostly now, 3a is a awesome smaller room piece, if your lucky enough to find the 9s.   If not, 3a is damn good.   

If you like the 3a, you would love the 9s


Enjoy......with WATTS.  Lol



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