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"Commercial Acoustic Suspension Speaker" by Edgar Villchur, Audio Magazine, July 1955

Pete B

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I always have trouble finding this historic article covering the design behind the AR-1 woofer

that started it all.  I thought that there was a .pdf but have been unable to find it, here's a link 

to it in the library here on CSP:


A few more links with background:
Some history at the AES:

Ed Villchur's patent covering his new invention, filed March 15, 1954:

And another link here at CSP on a very fine AR-1 sample:



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Here's a LINK to Audio Magazine, July, 1955 which on page 18 has an easier-to-read version of the first article Pete B posted above.

BTW ... the RADIO HISTORY site is a joy to me, audio nostalgia extraordinaire!  The site itself looks like something I might have created (style-wise) 20+ years ago ... probably usable with Mosaic!  Here's a link to its home page:  https://americanradiohistory.com/

Oh, and just a warning, if you haven't been to that site before you might want to grab a glass of wine and plan on hours of fun time reading.


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