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AR-4xa - Interest check


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I have recently been given a set of AR-4xa speakers with original boxes. In working condition and cosmetically very sound as pictures below show. Would just like to get an idea of interest if I were to put these up for sale and what would be a reasonable price. Can give more information as required and/or send more photos. Thanks in advance, Joe.











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Wellcome Joe very beautiful: original packaging, real wood veneer, Aetna pot on the back, should have front wired tweeters, early production number, minimal aesthetic defects on the veneer.
In the beautiful photo shoot you have attached, there are no photos without the grilles, which on these early specimens are glued to the front baffle (if you don't think you can take them off, make sure the woofers and tweeters are working properly), if you want to try to take them out the grilles, do not use screwdrivers or awls to avoid damaging the wood, but gently insert into the slot "grille / wood one or two spatulas of about 2/3 cm., starting near the corners and gently forcing the grill outwards, alternating below the angles to be forced a little at a time, then where there is the masonite beam between tweeter and woofer there are 2 additional gluing points, perform the same delicate forcing and you should remove the grille without damage to it and to the wooden frame
In my opinion, on the scale of values they are positioned at the top.
Regarding the actual value for the sale, check the famous auction site where they are currently sold with a price between $ 200 and $ 400 (though AR4xa are hardly sold at the proposed price!).
I cannot value objects that are not mine and far from me, but the fact remains that your AR4xas are very beautiful and include excellent original packaging.
You do the price and the buyer can make the proposal!

In my opinion the AR4xa sound (if in order in all the components) very well and if these were mine, I would keep them for me !!


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Thank you very much for your advice and speed of response Giorgio AR! They have been barely used from what I can tell so the condition really is good for any prospective buyers. Please if anyone sees this post and would like to privately message me regarding a sale then please respond on here. Kind regards, Joe

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Just a few random comments from me, but I cannot really help you with the pricing. Before others might offer advice, it would be worth noting where you are located, what currency you use, and the type of markets where you may offer these up for sale.  

Those European 4xa's are gorgeous and appear to be in very fine shape, and the teak finish is relatively rare. Also of interest is seeing a single carton for a speaker pair (2) - - - this practice was not uncommon for the smaller AR-7 or AR-7x, but otherwise the only AR's I've seen packaged this way are MST's, always with Euro addresses. 

You might want to re-consider and maybe keep those speakers - - - you'll be hard pressed to ever find a better pair. ;)

MST box.jpg

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