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Is the CR65 favorably (w/in margins) comparable to a Klipsch KB-15 Icon??

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Thing is, haven't really seen anybody attempting to modify BA CR65 bookshelf. Maybe is "fine" just as-is.

I can buy a used (VGC) BA CR65 $60 today shipped. Maybe "simpler is better" beings they'll ALWAYS be used IN CONJUNCTION (traditional 4-channel stereo) atop a reasonably fair set of Floor-Standers. ... Cheap chic, as they say, and HOPING for good quality sound (in THAT config!) rather than jump out and spend $1k or whatnot on whole new set (pair) of floor units when this (propsed) setup might accomplish something highly similar.

And if I HAD to do some e.q.-ing, I sppse that's an option. Depends upon the receiver I'd suspect. 

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