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Pair of AR LST for sale

Giorgio AR

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I would like to sell my pair of AR LSTs No. 466 and 498 of 1974 year.
I enclose numerous photos in detail of the cabinets and all the speakers to better illustrate the conditions of the AR LST.
All the speakers: 8 tweeters, 8 midranges and 2 woofers are in perfect condition, I report for a tweeter only a small frontal tooth of about 4mm. On this dome (it does not affect sound or performance), the 2 woofers need new foam , already prepared the ring in masonite, to finish the cleaning of the old surround on the cone.
The cabinets look almost like new, with only small imperfections and a small stain on the upper panel of a speaker.
Original, undamaged grids, to reposition some strips of Velcro, no lack or defect.
All original labels and knobs are in excellent condition.
It is possible to ship on pallets, the packing time (safe and protective) is long and the cost of shipping, for example to the USA will be high.
Welcome purchase series proposals, please send email to me.


























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Adding more photos to illustrate the wet spot on the top of one six two speakers, is a shadow of a few cm. in diameter, little visible, the photos are of the particular and the complete top.These are the major aesthetic defects present in these speakers, the whole is almost like new, and the many photos I have inserted illustrate the speakers well in all their details.ARLST30.jpg.e1aa06a66a66f803b18e2b4db30a393e.jpgARLST29.jpg.66d9d6a97838bc6e46fd170a3287bb06.jpg


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Well, in addition to the AR LST, I currently have three pairs of ARs with a 12 "woofer and a fourth pair consisting of a 12" 200003 woofer and a mid / high section of the AR58b (this is a project for which I will build a pair of cabinets with the fundamental measures identical to AR3a, including internal reinforcements).
If you see the photos I published, I don't have a home location that is appropriate for AR LST.
The only place available would be stacked on top of the AR10 replica and the AR3a, instead of the AR58s that I circled in red in the attached picture! But I would lose the placement of a further row of speakers, probably even the external medium / high sections would not be in the best position (too close to wall and closet)
I could use them in temporary location, but for the size and "particular" location of these speakers, I could not have a permanent home for them.

AR LST1.jpg

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Thx for response. Many of us understand this issue of having an abundance of speakers, and you are correct to note that the LST speakers really do deserve an environment and placement that takes advantage of their unique capabilities. Best of luck finding a proper home for them.

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