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AR7x bass problem


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Without looking this up to confirm, I believe the primary difference between the AR-7x and the AR-7 is that the 7x uses a tweeter with ferrofluid for somewhat increased power handling. Also, I think the 7x was offered only in Europe, uses a multi-color cabinet stuffing, and often had the lovely teak veneer found on many Euro cabinets.

The 6uF cap (and switch and resistor) found in the AR-7 is dedicated to the tweeter circuit only, and the woofer has no crossover components - - I'm pretty sure the 7x circuitry is essentially identical. Regarding the bass performance, I think you'll need to closely inspect the problematic woofer. Be certain that the cone seems to have adequate movement potential, but also, I can imagine bass performance suffering in a small sealed cabinet if the woofer foam has developed any cracks or deterioration.    

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