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Raspiness in 710II's

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I have a pair of L710IIs that I bought new back in about 1492.   I use them daily and they look perfect.   I am beginning to hear a little raspiness on some mid-range to high notes, both instrumental and vocal.   It could be my amp (a Denon PMA915A from 1997) or the speakers.   I am wondering if the capacitors in the crossovers could be the culprits.   Any suggestions?

Steve Kay

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Not sure what components were used pre-1500, but from early 1800s to near modern era* most of the capacitors in my numerous crossovers are not of the type to cause concern (I do think I recall one, but not which box it was in ;)).  It is however pretty easy to check as a failing electrolytic cap will be discolored or deformed (should be a nice uniform aluminum cylinder) or show leaking dielectric around it.  They are usually pretty easy to change, so long as the original sleeve markings are discernible for matching values and ratings; Newark Electronics often has reasonable costs for these and will do USPS shipping (no connection other than long-term customer).

As to harshness I've had a couple causes of that.  On my original-owner and long-term-primary L-980s (early 1800s) I've always heard a bit of an overstress warning as an edgy harshness - the kind you might use a touch of de-esser for if you were recording vocals - a little before the protection kicks in.  In other words at very high and sustained levels, trying to stay just under fuse/polyswitch radar.  I've not tried reaching for those levels for some time, but hmmm my wife is out for the day....

I have also heard a general sort of break-up in high frequency when these same drivers were left sitting for a few years (a criminal action on my part).  Thankfully some modest regular exercise appears to have helped that.  I suspect the nearly-centuries-old ferrofluid may have been to blame ;).  There are several posts here about changing that out, either through valued resource Richard So or some others have DIY'ed.

Good luck,

- Jeff

* latest type I own are 2nd gen (I think) center speakers and I've not yet had the pleasure of pulling a crossover to see

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Thanks for the info--I actually have been busy for a few weeks and neglected to check the board for replies.   I will check the condition of the capacitors, but have one more question:   Where are the crossovers?   On my units there are no screws on the the back.   I can removed the drivers, but am not sure if that is the right thing to do.   


Thanks for helping out a speaker repair newbie on this!


Steve Kay

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