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Boston Acoustics 525V Center speaker


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I am new on this forum, thanks for having me!

I have a question for the BA specialists in this group. I just bought a 525V BA center speaker. I thought it might match my BA T1030's/T830's. I haven't made any tests yet, I'll let you know my impressions. The speaker is in very good condition but I heard something moving inside so I opened it up. The crossover board seems to have been modified or repaired. Here is a picture, does anyone have a hint on what was done with what is shown?



Boston Acoustics equipment I currently own:

- T1030 (2)

- T830 (8, series 1 and 2)

- CS225C center speaker (1)

- VR12 center speaker (1)

- 525V center speaker (1)



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Hi, Marc, and welcome aboard. With your collection, you know more about BA products than I do, but it appears to me that everything shown is most likely original - - am curious, what makes you think otherwise? Quite possibly, what you heard moving was the black 16uF Bennic cap, which has become dislodged from its original position with hot glue adhesive.

Edit: Oh, now I see - - - it appears that the upper left coil and resistor have also become dislodged - - it should be very simple to re-attach everything in original positions with a few dabs of hot glue. 

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Now for the preliminary test results: it sounds great!  It seems to have the same sound signature as my VR12 but needs to be cranked up a bit to deliver the same DBs.  Even at louder than necessary levels, it doesn’t complain.  I’ll test it for a couple of weeks and see how it fares with my regular listening habits compared to the VR12.

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