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  1. Now for the preliminary test results: it sounds great! It seems to have the same sound signature as my VR12 but needs to be cranked up a bit to deliver the same DBs. Even at louder than necessary levels, it doesn’t complain. I’ll test it for a couple of weeks and see how it fares with my regular listening habits compared to the VR12.
  2. Hi Ra.ra, As you proposed, it was an easy task to reposition everything. I managed to replace and glue the caps, resistor and coil without breaking anything, soldered a broken wire and now waiting for the glue on a cabinet chip to dry.
  3. I am new on this forum, thanks for having me! I have a question for the BA specialists in this group. I just bought a 525V BA center speaker. I thought it might match my BA T1030's/T830's. I haven't made any tests yet, I'll let you know my impressions. The speaker is in very good condition but I heard something moving inside so I opened it up. The crossover board seems to have been modified or repaired. Here is a picture, does anyone have a hint on what was done with what is shown? Thanks! Marc Boston Acoustics equipment I currently own: - T1030 (2) - T830 (8, series 1 and 2) - CS225C center speaker (1) - VR12 center speaker (1) - 525V center speaker (1)
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