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WANTED: 2ax or 4ax tweeter


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1 hour ago, genek said:

The tweeter I'm your photo is for the AR-4xa...

It can get a bit confusing with all of the letter suffixes, but the tweeter shown is for the AR-4x (not 4xa), as well as for the later version of the AR-2x; and additionally, there is no AR model known as the 4ax.

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1 hour ago, genek said:

...there's no such thing as an AR-2xa.

Whoa.......not so fast..... ^_^ 

Well, I feel a little sheepish offering this info 'cuz there's not a whole lot known about them, but somewhere out there in the wild there is this rare beast roaming around. This pair shown was for sale in AZ or FL several years ago, and this CSP thread seems to suggest they are essentially Euro AR-2ax's with switches instead of pots.





AR-2xa badge.jpg

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Thinking about this discussion, I just had to chuckle when I saw this online sale listing the other day - - - all of those a's and x's can indeed be a bit confusing, but these type of nomenclature designations can be confounding with many products, not just AR speakers. In any case, this seller has apparently located the never-before-seen AR-4ax speaker model. :P

AR-4ax (?).jpg

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