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AR90 Tweeter

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>Is this a replacement tweeter that will work in the AR90's?


1200029-1 is indicated to be the correct part number for the AR-90 tweeter. However, in the 1990s, part number 1200011-1 was also shown as the proper number for the AR-9 and AR-90, but this number is the proper tweeter for the AR-10Pi, etc. Most likely the 1200029-1 became unavailable by the late 1980s, and the 1200011-1 became a generic 3/4-inch tweeter for the 9 and 90 as well as 10Pi and AR-11, etc.

The one shown in your images is listed for the AR-38B, AR-48B, AR-58B and so forth as someone else mentioned earlier. It is the same basic 3/4-inch tweeter and magnet assembly, but there are probably some differences in the Ferrofluid damping. The resonance may be slightly different.

--Tom Tyson

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I just knew I had one, but in a thorough search of my "stash" I don't seem to. It could be that I didn't "count" the one that's in my friend's 90s.

What I DO have is a 12000840 which, if I read the past threads right, is about as close as you can come in new production.

If you want an original, I'll help keep an eye out for one.


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