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More Data on the 12"

Guest Bret

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Ken sends his regards.

Ken has been extremely busy for several months - if you haven't seen what he's up-to, you might want to check-out


As Artie Johnson used to say on Laugh-In, "Very in-ter-esting." I'm looking forward to being able to see an example of their work. Since I'm certain that Ken wouldn't put his name to anything that was all marketing hype, I'm looking forward to being able to read a layman's explanation of the physics involved.

Back to AR:

As you may or may not know, I sent Ken some repaired/refoamed 12" woofers in January of 2003 and Ken and his folks did some free-air testing on them. Tom then sent him an enclosure and the drivers were tested again with the cabinet, as a unit. The results of those tests have evidently been available since February and can be found at:


I would love to be corrected about this, but it looks like the Edge-It / Simply Speakers pair of drivers are not improved by being in an enclosure. In fact, if I'm interpreting the data correctly, it might be wise for me to spend the money to have either Tri-State or Bill Miller re-rebuild these to get their Fs back down into the upper teens range.

All of the tested speakers will produce a 40Hz tone, but they are not uniformly flat.

I'll know more after I swap and listen to all the drivers I got back from Ken (no time soon, I'm afraid) but my suspicion is that there will be a large difference in the way the SS pair sound compared to the others.

When I do it, I'll do a "blind" test since the tests have prejudiced me.


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By the way, my impression of all of these tests is that a well-repaired 12" driver probably puts them back in very nearly new condition and so might be preferable to buying Tonegen replacements.

It's certainly less expensive.


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