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AR14 tweeter has gone open circuit


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One of my AR14 tweeter has gone open circuit (1.9M Ohm).

Part No 200024-1 ( 561 8224 )

Has anyone ever "re-coiled"? a dome tweeter?

Is it possible, or is a replacement the only option?

I should have fused the speakers.


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>Has anyone ever "re-coiled"? a dome tweeter?<

There has been a fair amount of conjecture here about whether or not a good repair is possible on a "classic" AR tweeter. Not speaking specifically of the 14's tweeter, it seems that some of the materials used are no longer available which makes getting a "match" less than certain even with careful restoration.

I would fight the urge to replace the tweeter with something non-original that would cause you to modify the cabinets; preferring to look for another pair of 14s or parts to restore yours.

I'm not sure what AB Tech has available, but that would be a good place to look for a new "replacement" tweeter that might "drop in" without your having to put new holes in your cabinets. Eventually an original will become available on ebay or elsewhere.

I'm really sorry that happened to you. It's a heartbreaker, isn't it?


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Guest Nigel

>I should have fused the speakers.


A fuse probably would not have protected the tweeters. By far most tweeters are destroyed to an underpower amplifier clipping. For the AR14 speakers, an amplifier in the range of 100 to 200 watts per channel, capable of driving "unfriendly" loads is appropriate. Adcom 545, 545 II or 5400 are safe choices. There are many other good candidates out there though.

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