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I am acquiring a pair of Wharfedale W45’s

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I already have a pair of W35’s which I absolutely love. The W25, W35, and W45 were assembled here in the States. The cases were made Stateside with the speakers, and assembled crossovers coming from the UK.  All three use the same Tweeter, the E35, and 45 the same mid-range, the W25, and 35 the same 8” woofer, the W45 a 10” woofer.  Purchasing them from the original owner who purchased them new in 1970. For recapping the crossovers on these Wharfedales I really like the Mundorf E-Cap great non-polarized electrolytic’s. Cheap, and you are not trying to fit a 16 oz beer can sized cap’ in a space designed for a breath mint. 


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Never owned any Wharfedales but I've been fascinated with the robust construction of many of their early drivers. I also like the Mundorf E-Cap electrolytics, and it is so smart to consider crossover layout and be aware of the physical dimensions prior to placing a parts order. Just in case you are not already aware of this, but the Mundorf E-Cap comes in two types: PLAIN and RAW. The RAW version uses an etched foil which increases surface area and results in a cap which is physically smaller than a similar value of the PLAIN version. In addition, RAW caps are less expensive. 

For example (in millimeters):

10uF   Raw: 10x30   Plain: 14x37

56uF   Raw: 14x38   Plain: 25x49

100uF   Raw: 18x39   Plain: 30x50

(edit: almost forgot to mention that these caps vary slightly in voltage ratings - - all are between 50VDC and 100VDC and should work fine in most crossovers.)

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