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AR9's available, maybe- an FYI


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A couple of weeks ago I wandered into Merle's Record Rack, in Orange, CT the last store of a small chain of record stores here in Connecticut. They have some used audio available, some of interest, much of it not.

The owner/technician uses AR LST's for his test speakers.

At that time he had just gotten in a pair of AR 9's. Said refoaming was needed. The cabinets looked to be in good condition.

If anyone has interest this is their link- http://merlesrecordrack.com/index.html  

I have no affiliation, don't often shop for records there. But they had a pair of AR 9's that may be of interest. 

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Yes, they have stuff, but not a lot that I found of interest. He seemed kinda pricey, but he is running a business, not a hobby.

Had you asked when he sold the AR9's or how much he had gotten for them? 

I feel I failed as I should have posted sooner,

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