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Wharfdale W-35 the word is Gobsmacked

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Just refurbished my W-35’s with Mundorf E-Cap Plains.  Wonderful sound. I decided to do an A/B comparison between the W-35’s, and a pair of modern Polk Audio RTi A3’s. The A3 are one of the best speaker deals on the market right now at $239.95 a pair.  The W35’s are powered by a Lepai LP-2020 TI class “D” amp 20 Watts x2.  The A3’s were on my Yamaha RX-A770 in a 2.1 configuration 95 Watts X 2, and a Klipsch subwoofer with about 500 watts.  The W35’s completely blew the A3’s out of the water.  I could not believe a 48 year old set of speakers could beat out a modern book shelf speaker of about the same size even with the subwoofer’s help.  The W35 have  scintillating sound, crystal clear. Smooth lows. I was impressed with these speakers when I purchased them in 1972, I am even more impressed now. A lot of this improvement must be credited to the E-Caps for just $23 Dollars It made a giant killer out of these W35’s. 

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