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Repair abvice BIC 8950 8” Woofer

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One of the BIC 8950’s in my Wharfdale W35 parts stash has has a problem I have never seen before. Before I attempt a repair I want touch bases here to see if anyone has run into a similar situation. Note the photos. One of the wires going from the connection taps on the spider has broken away from it’s connection on the cone. The repair would be straight forward except for the doping on the front side of the cone. Is there a solvent that can remove it without damaging the cone? The wire its self is really crappy it is a thread covered mess that would be damn hard to solder. Can anyone point me in the direction of wire that could be used as a replacement. The wire on the other connection is in very poor condition replacing both is in order. My regular hookup wire is too stiff for this use. These BIC 8950’s are fairly rare so a repair is completely justified.



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