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Yes, still available.

Mostly dust and seems that from past cleaning the color is not perfectly uniform,

there are no chips or dings in the cabinets.

The bottoms have some discoloration were poster tack was used on smaller stands.

I have original boxes but the QM10 did not include a manual at that time.

Feel free to PM me if you are interested.

I also have:

Gloss Black #2 -  A pair in gloss black from about the same time frame where they were


early production of the black paint and had a small amount of peeling that I had a

friend touch up - his repair was not perfect but they look fine from 5 ft away.  I was told

by the importer that these were never played due to the paint issue.  I tested them with

music for an hour and they sound fine.

Gloss Black #1  -  A much later production gloss black pair that I opened from new for

pictures and it is clear that they corrected any issues with the paint - they look fantastic.

The QM10 s have all film caps in the crossover so should never need a recap.

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