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My Classic Speaker collection

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Thought I'd share my current collection of speakers and equipment.  Being into vintage audio can be quite a challenge here in Australia, we just didn't have what you guys in the USA had and therefore it makes finding speakers near impossible not to mention more costly!

First system is in the Dub Lounge and began with a Marantz 1060 with JBL L100. Since then I've changed amps a couple of times and just recently found a pair of AR6, wow, this is a joyful little setup now.

In the lounge room I have another recaped 1060 and sometimes run a Marantz 140 power amp that's paired with OLA'S.  While at first It took getting used to the advent sound, I nowlike the room filling low frequencys of these speakers. They are quite different than most with the tweeters offset to the right instead of the normal left, only in Australia!! 

Not long ago a pair of Dynaco A25's poped up here on Gumtree (like Craigslist) that were an hour away from me, I checked them out and bought them home. They are setup in my bedroom paired with a 2245 receiver and go great together although would benefit greatly with better room positioning. 

Lastly I am working on a pair of AR5's that had some pretty rought work carried out by someone.  

I wish to thank everyone who contributes to this very informative Classic Speaker Pages website, and hope that I too can offer something of value to this interest.

Kind regards 



2018-05-22 12.26.48.jpg

2018-05-22 12.47.06.jpg

2018-05-22 12.48.03.jpg

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Hey Ben, thx for sharing your system info. You've got some terrific vintage gear there that appears to be in great condition. I'm a big fan of the AR-6 model, too - - I've got a few pairs with slightly different configurations, but none of mine have that slimline Euro cabinet profile that yours have.


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Hey there, it's great to see that you like the photos, funny too that you like the Euro cabs because I'd be happy to come across a pair of the US styled myself!

Nice effort on those 6's ... imagine them all singing!


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