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FREE - Cambridge Soundworks BassCube 12S Subwoofer


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FREE - Cambridge Soundworks BassCube 12S Subwoofer (concord, california ) 


Needs work

Good shape, a few scuffs on cab - driver cone and surround perfect

Speaker level spring loaded INPUT connectors messed up (missing) - line level jacks fine and work

Problem is bad plate amp - I already replaced the notorious Zeners that fail on these, moved the power resisters onto the other side of the board so as not to cook them again and touched up every solder pad on both boards

Still, no love and I'm not willing to pursue troubleshooting this any further (or paying for Fry's over priced bits)

Sub will play fine and then instantaneously stop - switch it off and back on and it will work again briefly

Customer support for Cambridge products is non-existent (no schematics available), so, this time vampire is beyond my skill set

Someone who really knows Solid State could probably diagnose this in a half hour or less - I'm done

Parts Express sells the same amp (100 Watts, drop in fit) for around $100 bucks with a 5 year warranty

$10 bucks CASH and Carry AS IS - FREE IF YOU PICK IT UP NOW

No Phone Number No reply


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