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Presentation 4/12/18 7PM Today "Amp Repair" by Pete Basel - New London CT

Pete B

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I'm giving a talk/ demo on power amp repair at the Spark Maker Space in New London Connecticut,

tonight at 7 PM.
I expect this to be a very small turnout and it will be very basic for beginners and we will repair
a Harman Kardon PM650 that is blowing fuses. Seems this is going to be very small as it is not
even on the calendar, LOL:

This PM650 was very dirty when I got it and seemed to come from a smoking environment, I will give
it away to anyone who shows up, wants it, and agrees to finish recapping it. I will help with the recap
at the Makerspace if that works well for the person. If more than one person is interested we
will draw from a hat.

Note that Spark Makerspace is a member, pay by the month shared space, but Thursday nights 
are free and open to the public to increase interest.

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We actually had a decent turn out of about 12 people, about half were younger and more
into computers and microcontroller projects but they listened and asked great questions.
I'm thinking it would make a lot of sense to give this at the next Frankenfest meet in MA
this October, if there is interest.

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