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How to access AR M4 Holographic tweeter?


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The M4 has a plastic cover/plate over the tweeter. I don’t see a way of removing it without possible damage to it - how is it done?

The tweeter on the L box is weaker than the one in the R box - is it repairable?  

The top 6.5”speaker is weaker too. It has a torn center cap. Is that enough to cause the difference in volume?



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Looking at the plastic cover for the tweeter, where the AR logo sits, it is a small plastic strip in which you will need to move it upward to reveal the fixing screws. The same for the bottom, remove the small strip downward to reveal the fixing screws - if I remember clearly. 

Marked with the red line in the attached. Use something sharp to get in the gap and lever carefully along the length.


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