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AR6 Tweeters Required


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I am looking for a  pair of tweeters for a pair of AR6 speakers, serial no's  2791 & 2793 purchased in 1975.

I bought them second hand  with my first salary cheque and they cost me £180 / $275 I would dread to think what that equates to 40 years later ! . I still think they were a great buy and love the sound for a relatively small bookshelf speaker. I think they may have been manufactured prior to this possibly as early as 1971  as they  were originally fitted with tweeters with the front facing external connection type.

I had to replace the tweeters them in mid / late 1980's with a pair of the later rear wired type  part refs 200005. The original woofers were also replaced as the foam surrounds had failed, with units part numbered 1210037-2A . Both were purchased from the Acoustic research  factory Cambridge Mass USA as direct replacements. The woofers were remounted of new foam type suspension rings last year.

The crossover units are as per attached photo

Can anyone please advise a source for either type or recommend a replacement.

I also have a pair of AR Two of European production approx 1990 that use the same woofers 1210037 and tweeters 1210038, different crossovers and same size cabinet's and whilst reasonable sounding not as good as the AR6's.

Hope someone can help, incidentally I live in the UK but will buy from anywhere.

AR6 crossover.png

AR6 front.JPG

AR6 rear.JPG

AR6 woofer 1210037.JPG

AR6 tweeter 1210038.JPG

AR2 backs.JPG

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22 hours ago, DavidR said:

I might have some of those tweeters. Can you post a pic of the front?

I'll check out the p/n.


22 hours ago, DavidR said:

I have (3). The one I unwrapped has p/n 1- 2100380; K53TNJ and measures 4.8 ohms. All are from AR94S

Something tells me that's not the correct tweeter you have for an AR6.


AR6 tweeter 1210038.JPG

AR6 tweeter ref 1210038. small.JPG

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Thanks for your reply I have posted picture of the tweeters I have been using in the AR6 speakers and that are common to the newer AR -Two speakers from 1990's European production I have.

 However as you suggest these are probably wrong for the AR6's  mind they seemed to sound fine (well to me. ) until one stopped working.

As i said in original post I changed the original front wired ones for part ref 200005 tweeters as shown in  mid 1980s after one failed, seemed sensible to buy a pair from AR in USA. A further 15 years on they where replaced with the ones shown 1210038

 The original drawings show tweeter 200005 is for later rear wired AR6's  as per attached files and I think these were replaced with TWEETER 200014-3. As luck would have it a pair of these have come up on ebay today in UK. 

Any advice on correct ones would be gratefully received . I would also be happy to purchase from you one of the tweeters you offered as a spare for my pair of AR Two's if you are happy to post to UK ?

Regards Cliff


Accoustic Research AR 6 Tweeter post 1976.pdf

Accoustic research speakers AR6.pdf

Acoustic Research AR Two.JPG

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That looks like the same tweeter. Mine don't have crushed domes. Let me see how much to ship to the UK. It might not be worth it. Also, that 10mfd capacitor is old and might better too much for the tweeter. It's typically used with a 4mfd capacitor.

BTW, I'm an MG nut and have a '73 BGT and 1970 roadster. Plus parts from 2 others.

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my tweeter did not either until my grandson got near it ! Tried to reshape .... painted with PVA glue and luckily it did not impede performance.

Re MG My Father bought a 1931 MG -M Midget I think approx. 850cc engine with overhead cam, in 1947 when he returned from service in the far east Burma Malaya ETC . He paid £500  for it , at that time in the UK you could have bought a decent house for the same money. He later had a 1934 PA 4 seater. Before going to modern Fords. My mother had a 1968  MGB GT and kept it for about ten years. Incidentally she at 88 years old last year bought and drives a Fiat 124 spider !!

I had a mid 70's  MG Midget, in my youth and currently have a MGF 1.8 VVC the last proper MG with mid mounted engine.18 years old but still great to drive. Went all round Europe last year including Nurburgring ! See picture

Re the Tweeter Happy to pay good rate and ship costs , I will pay you by ? Pay pal credit card direct transfer whatever suits


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