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  1. What is the best gage speaker wire to use with my lowboys and my Kenwood Amp?
  2. Took some pics but they would not load, I will try again tomorrow after changing my camera settings! Well I am writing 14 hrs. Later and I did change settings on my camera on my phone, it still would not load, these speakers are flawless though, and I cannot stay out in the garage when volume is above 4. No really, I was a hard rocker from the ‘70’s and know what loud music is!!!
  3. I was on my way to play some tennis after work, so I pulled into the small town tennis complex. As I drove in to the Recreation Center, I looked to the left at two walnut lowboy Rectilinear speakers and a low end roll top desk sitting beside the four roll away garbage containers. To the right of the Complex, was an apartment complex. My thoughts were that some one threw away these huge speakers at the tennis courts trash site. I opened up my rear car doors and loaded up the speakers, then flipped the desk upside down and hung it out of my trunk of my Saturn Ion. I got them home and hooked them up to my junkie old Realistic Stereo! The sound was good! A couple of years later my neighbor was moving to the Beach and he gave me a Kenwood stereo from the ‘70’s, and I found out that now, there was finally quality sound!! From trash to treasure!
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