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  1. I already told my son he'll be sorry he didn't properly copy his old man - mine are oak & his are walnut; they wouldn't look right sitting on top of each other - 5012o vs 5012w. Probably wouldn't even sound right!
  2. Thanks Kent (and 'argumentative' Craig) for the info about Bill Galt's & Roy's repair abilities. I'll keep it in mind for future reference. Meantime I have no way of knowing how long my set will keep performing or suit my needs. I'm an old guy and my hearing is slowly morphing into mis-hearing (so is my wife's - we have some hilarious conversations.) It may well be that the speakers will outlast me; maybe end up with someone who sends them to the dump because they're too old & big & clunky ! :(.
  3. Hi Larry. Thanks for the warning. Yes the other unit was also partly separated but I was able to re-glue just the part that was gapped. Do you have any comments about (experience of) what I took to be the partly-melted stuff at the top of the coil? I didn't have the dust cap off the second driver so don't know how that one looked - or what would be normal. It IS nice to have my stereo back. My attachment to these Advents is quite sentimental. They've been my first and only 'good' speakers for more than 40 years. My pal & I had days of fun at the time, lugging home speaker sets from the local audio store and comparing them with his ???'s as reference. Don't know if you could still do that! It was in a small friendly town. They won't be played louder than I can comfortably hear when I'm in the same room with them. When a neighbor has a noisy boombox going on what should be a quiet summer Sunday I've often thought of opening the door and cranking them up, with music I'm sure he'd despise - but I've never done it. Now I won't even think about it . But I will take them to my son's place and put them inverted on top of his identical set, just to see how that sounds. Have a good summer.
  4. For the record; my woofer is working again. I hadn't realized how much the cone was detached from the foam surround, or that nothing else keeps the voice coil centered. I guess the rattle I heard was the coil flailing against its enclosure - a sound once heard, unlikely ever to be forgotten. I'm a bit surprised now, that nobody zeroed in on that when I described it. *Bay has been a bust. The very occasional unit that came up and might have been OK was only offered by someone who wouldn't accept any contact. Didn't much matter because their ads all said they wouldn't ship outside USA. Doubtless the coil is somewhat damaged; there is some reddish-brown material around the top, that looks to have been partly melted. I couldn't detect any of the notorious 'burnt copper' smell. So I very carefully re-centered and re-foamed it and lo! it sounds OK. No rattling, scraping, scratchiness etc, etc. If there's distortion I'm not hearing it. We'll see whether - or how long - it will keep sounding good. The foam surround I bought online was very flimsy compared to the original so I re-used that. It was a bit abused by then but the glue that came with the repair kit did a good job on it. Thanks to all who offered information & advice.
  5. Yes I'm fed up with the arrogant nonsense too. Pete, I tried to message you but that didn't work. Can you confirm (message me?) that the square-magnet drivers are "original" Advent and the rounds were made by Jensen. If the point was made before, I missed it. I guess it would mean the squares are older & explain why they're harder to find. Even the other drivers I do find can be asking $70 just for postage.
  6. Thanks Pete; I'm a babe in the woods here. And thanks Analogman too - I'll assume your advice is given in good faith; but on the precautionary principle I'll assume Pete's is safer - especially as one of those websites seemed to wreak havoc with my computer, requiring a total shutdown - but maybe it was some clumsy key-combo I hit ??? Pete, are you saying don't pair a square-magnet "original" Advent woofer with a round one? That would be my own uneducated strategy. I guess I should go with your suggestion & monitor ebay unless something else shows up meantime.
  7. Thanks Craig. Although I greatly enjoy high quality reproduction of good music, I'm (obviously) not a sound engineer/hobbyist, an Advent historian or even a real audiophile . Many of the forum technical/historical comments go right past me. When you mention "new Jensen Electronics 10"s" I guess you're not talking about literally new drivers? I'm not concerned with cosmetic or brand-name authenticity, only that I finish up with an acoustically matched pair of woofers that will be easily mounted & connected in my existing cabinets and deliver sound quality as good as the original set. In my area nothing Advent is "common as dirt," or common at all if you can even find anything. I was hoping to avoid buying something unseen, at a distance; potentially unsatisfactory and with attendant shipping & handling costs. But maybe, ultimately, that's my best(!) option. Meantime the repair guy I had in mind has been hard to nail down and I've been stuck with monaural entertainment. Hey, that's what I grew up with! - on a wind-up "gramophone" with steel needles. And with trips to the post office - they had a generator - to have our "accumulator" charged up so we could hear on the radio how (officially) the war was going.
  8. No sweat; well meant I'm sure. Ebay seems scary - won't know what you've really bought till you get it & test it, and even if it's returnable that' would be a hassle. For now I'll concentrate on seeking competent repair people closer to home. Meantime my son, 2 hours south of me, is suggesting that once I get my set back in working order we should do a stacked experiment at his place with my oak set on top of his walnuts (he got them same time as mine but to match the waterbed frame he'd built for his basement hideaway). I've been teasing him that once I'm gone he'll be sorry he didn't get an oak set - they won't match!
  9. I've disconnected the damaged speaker and am listening to 'half stereo' on the other side. It's surprisingly listenable. I may have located a good repair tech here on the island but can't meet him till sometime in March. He'll be in my area & hopefully can see/hear the speaker in situ.
  10. Mine have the fuse and say Cambridge MA. Labelled 5012/0 with serial nos xo 016191 & 016219. Did I mention how pretty they are? I've messaged you about the Vancouver driver for sale.
  11. larrybody; great thanks for your message. The front and dimensions of your woofer look exactly right. Personally I don't know if the different magnet is a significant issue in terms of compatibility of the two woofers - mine being square & flat where yours is round & domed. Lacking specific/technical knowledge I'm quite unsure. Same is true about the 4.5 reading on your meter. I welcome your coments on this and those of any knowledgeable others who'd like to "jump in." If you want to talk about price, shipping costs to B.C. etc would you prefer using private messages? If you care to enlighten me (and others watching) about correct/incorrect foam installation, (or anything else :)) by all means do. Alexander (Edzll)
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