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  1. Greetings Pete!
    Saw your picture of restored Dynacos.
    I have now Dynaco A25, Scandyna A25X and Scandyna A45X, all of them need to be restored.
    Wanna ask you - how you treated rubber surrounding to get it looks new and shiny?

    1. Pete B

      Pete B

      That was a big mistake on my part, I used WD40 and later learned that it has a very 

      strong solvent in it.  I don't use it anymore for speaker edges.

      Wish I had a better answer.

    2. Raccoon


      By advice of one really skillful and old speaker driver restoration specialist i use ... acetone! And it works just great!
      Can advice it to any rbuber surrounding!


    3. Pete B

      Pete B

      Why, just to clean it?  We are fairly certain that a few types of rubber have been used for edges

      and I'm not certain that Acetone is safe for all types.

  2. Hello everyone! Got a few Dynacos and Scandynas here - Dynaco A25, Scandyna A25X and Scandyna A45X. Ordered caps and resistors for XO rebuild. But have one question - what material to use for terrible glass wool replacement?
  3. Too old posting to resurrect, but... Bought a pair A-45 in Europe for 150 Eur. Waiting for delivery...
  4. Yes, forgot to fill profile in. I live in EU, so i guess this model is for EU only. If anyone interested, i can make small 'review' when i'll get them.
  5. Can't be! Anyone!?
  6. Greetings! Today bought Dynaco A-45 for 150 Euros, i hope they'll arrive this year. Anyone can tell something good about them? I have those with two 8" midbass and one tweeter. Maybe some recommendations about XO tuning?
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