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  1. Hey Folks, One of my KLH Seventeens started going intermittent on me and tapping on the woofer made it come back. I looked at the lead wires and it looks like one of them isn't making contact well. Looks like the lead wires are just crimped and not soldered or glued. Are all KLH leads always just crimped? I'm hesitant to take an iron to the cone, but will if I have to! Suggestions from those with KLH experience? First pic is the offending speaker, second pic is the one working fine... (did my best to get the camera to focus): https://i.imgur.com/P0CN7k5.jpg https://i.imgur.com/p9h
  2. Hello! I'm about to refurb a pair of KLH 17's and I see you have a lot of experience working on them. You had mentioned in a thread that if you had to do it over again, you would have used Carli caps instead of Daytons. I was just curious why you thought that? I'm getting hung up on picking the right caps. I'll be using my KLH 17's with my Fisher 500c. I'm sure you've answered this a million times already!
    Thank you!


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