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  1. Hello, are there in between further experiances with the tweeter repair of Christian? Or has somone measured the fixed Drivers? In comparison with "untouched" originals perhaps? What are the new Materials for the suspension and the sealant around the voice coil? According to the patent, the original suspensions are made of some kind of rubber-foam, that´s cured after the assembly of the tweeter... Are there any pictures existing of a repaired tweeter? With best regards! Henner PS: Or perhaps Christian can answer this on his own?
  2. The yellow stuff should be fiber-glass, rockwool is more grey/brown/green and polyester will never have the same grade of damping as fiber-glass. I asked this question, because fiber-glass or rockwool is used in the 3a cabinets with the same driver as mine. Maybe they wanted more an improvement in profit by using polyester? I will test it and write something about... It´s a good idea, to rent a pro amp in a music store for testing - never thought about that. The amplifiers, that i liked very much, were mostly class a designs. But my travel through HiFi-philosophies took me to high effieciency fullrange-speakers in the last years and i sold the "big" amps i had. There is only a 20 W classe a Hiraga left here, i use together with a Meaxas Charisma pre. Those two components are a perfect match on a pretty high level, but better to use wth high effiency speakers. I paid 700 € for them together and now I´m looking for a best buy with more power. I also owned a Chinese Jungson JA 88 D, wich was really excellent and a real bolide with 30 kg and enough power. A friend (DIY amp builder) told me, that the design was "somehow similar" to an early Threshold amp, he knew. Unfortunately I can not find one again Mmmh - I think, I will look arround, If some music store next to me has an IP 450 for rent and test it... Henner
  3. Today the last parts for restoring the x-over have arrived, but i will need a few days for doing this. If I find polyester as damping material in the cabinet, like I expect after reading about the improved version - will it be better to use fiber-glass instead? ...And I´m interested in a discussion about amps, too. I know, only a test will show, what fits best to me, but some ideas especially for affordable solutions would be helpful. Henner
  4. Yes, that´s what I mean. I´ve never seen a construction like this. I ordered Mundorf MCap series for the x-over and I´m curious for the results. Adriano, you were thinking about using a Lab.Gruppen amplifier in another thread - do you have experiences with that brand meanwhile? Some people in Germany use the IP 450, wich has no fan for cooling, for HiFi/HighEnd applications - but i was not able to listen to one yet... And i´m wondering no one uses a Bose 1800/1801 with the 3a´s? Henner
  5. Yes - but what values did you chose for the 6 µF cap? Mundorf does not sell those... The improved version has just a switch on the back and I´m not able to regulate with potentiometers, if the sound doesen´t fit...
  6. Hello, first - thank you for your answers! Regarding to your suggestions I will first take a look at the caps and change them. In the restoring-guide is mentioned to put resitors in series to the new caps to compensate the lower ESR of the modern parts. Do you have experience with this? I also plan to change the resistors in the signal path to MOX-resistors and I ask myself, if its not better to chose the right value of those parts to have not about 30 components in the x-over at the end. Did it anyone that way? At least my ambition ist to serve the original charakter of the speaker, but I want the best possible performance too. How much might be the effect of aging to the high and mid-range drivers. And what I asked myself all the time: What are the three red spots around the tweeter for? The mid-range driver has a beading arround the dome but the tweeter is some kind of suspect to me How does ist work? Thanks for your warm welcome! With best regards Henner
  7. Hello, my name is Henner, i live in Germany near Cologne and since a few days i´m a proud owner of a pair AR-3a improved. It´s a version with the A.3 woofer, the A.12 mid-range, the A.19 tweeter and the bigger frame around the front panel. I did not open the box, but found the pix of the drivers at the restoring-guide in this forum. The pre-owner refoamed the bassdrivers and left everthing else in original condition. I like the sound of the speakers very much, but they need about an hour "warm up" evrey day I want to listen to them. In the beginning they sound a bit dull and colourless and later they play more airy and with better resolution. What can be the reason for this? The 40 year old caps? or the suspension of the high and mid-range drivers? I would be happy, if you could help me a bit... With best regards Henner
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