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  1. Some of the later 8 inch subwoofers had this. This was supposed to aid in keeping the voice coil from overheating. I don’t know how effective this was.
  2. Yep. Those are the ones like some of my high school friends had.
  3. Those are original after the Jensen purchase. Mine were like that.
  4. Great picture ra.ra. Those are the ones that my friends had during high school.
  5. This is great information. I think some old Large Advents that I took apart had a crossover scheme that was close (but, not exact obviously) to this one.
  6. It's interesting how running a woofer "direct" with a crossover only on the tweeter leg works almost flawlessly many times. I did just that with a pair of Large Advent 5002 that I had to repair almost all throughout.
  7. The way that I think I remember it, two speakers were based on the same design idea, but that is where the relationship ends. The Realistic Optimus 1 _ which I liked personally _ was made in Japan if I remember correctly. I think that they had good quality Pioneer drivers.The KLH was made near Boston MA somewhere with drivers of their own making.
  8. My favorite vintage receivers were the JVC JRS200 and the Realistic STA-2000.
  9. At one time, there was a 6 1/2" two way available in th US smaller than that. I don't remember the exact model number, but an aquantance of mine had these. Given the modest receiver that he had _ a very simple Technics _ the sound was indeed very good. In your situation, I don't think that you are going to find the original woofers for it, because drivers change frequently. You stated that yours were made around the mid 70s.You will have to do a "modification" here and put new woofers in them. There should be quite a few 6 1/2" woofers available from many good speaker driver vendors that would be good candidates for that system. You may end up with the system sounding better than original.
  10. Yes. I remember the Ohm L. My ears never told me that they rivaled the Old Large Advents in any way. But the Ohm L bass was never anemic for its size either.
  11. Thank you. This just gave me some food for thought. I have a pair of BA A70s that need new woofers and I just wanted to get some idea _ perameter wise _ as to what might work O.K. in place of the originals. This will be a "restification" project. I know that these AR woofers are no longer made obviously. But, after seeing these specs I have an idea what to shoot for.
  12. bikdav

    Snell Type K woofers

    Wow! What a lucky find. Id like to track down a set of those just for the cabinets.
  13. bikdav

    Used to Work at Cizek

    Yep. I lived in Ballardvale and visited Cizek a few times when it was on Stevens St. in Andover, MA. I remember Sheldon. I also remember getting my first introduction to the idea of a subwoofer. Well, fast forward to today and look what happened.
  14. Yes. I remember them. During my high school years, a couple of friends of mine had those. They were not bad for the most part. But, with a subwoofer they really shined.
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