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  1. Some of the later 8 inch subwoofers had this. This was supposed to aid in keeping the voice coil from overheating. I don’t know how effective this was.
  2. Yep. Those are the ones like some of my high school friends had.
  3. Great picture ra.ra. Those are the ones that my friends had during high school.
  4. My favorite vintage receivers were the JVC JRS200 and the Realistic STA-2000.
  5. bikdav

    Used to Work at Cizek

    Yep. I lived in Ballardvale and visited Cizek a few times when it was on Stevens St. in Andover, MA. I remember Sheldon. I also remember getting my first introduction to the idea of a subwoofer. Well, fast forward to today and look what happened.
  6. Yes. I remember them. During my high school years, a couple of friends of mine had those. They were not bad for the most part. But, with a subwoofer they really shined.
  7. I do remember the Dynaco A30XL speaker. they were available in the late 70s. Some other forum poster stated that they were a Panor design. Anyways, a couple of my neighbors from my high school days had those. I remember them as being pretty good. But for the life of me, I cannot understand why they just "vanished" and are nowhere to be found as far as speaker classics are concerned.
  8. bikdav

    Dynaco A-250

    While I was in high school, a couple of neighbors of mine had these. At the time, if I remember correctly, they were "titled" as Dynaco A30XL. I don't know if that "title" is valid, but that is what is sticking in my head. Although many years have past, I do remember these speakers as being rather smooth. But, a subwoofer was welcome at times. Either way, I doubt that you'll be disappointed with them.
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