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AR LST Bass Drivers

Guest monty golfear

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Guest SteveG


Hope it is just the foam surrounds. You might want to post a pic to get better advice from this forum.

There are a lot of places that will refoam, and likely all do a good job. I have had one pair refoamed, and one pair reconed by TriState Speakers in Pittsburg. They are not the cheapest, but do great work.

I have also found a speaker repair pro in Baltimore who has the original (exact duplicate) surrounds for these woofers. The diameter of the semicircular foll on the surround os just about 3/4 inch. (many sold bu others have a 1/2 inch roll which is not equivalent.) I just installed a pair this weekend and it was a breeze. I will post here when I find out whether he will be able to get more of these and make them available to those on this forum!!


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