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Advent Baby Ii


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Just picked up some Advent Baby Ii from a private sale on Craigslist. Cheap price and in very good condition. They needed new foam for the woofers, which I fixed last weekend for about $20. Listening to them as they are powered by my Carver M1.5 AMP. They sound very good. 


I must say they sound excelelnt for Jazz and classical. For movies and soundtracks they meld well with the other advents I have. Currently they are in place of my Maestros which I sitting idle as I burn in Advent babys. 

New they went for $200 as I understand it. 

For my 80's Rock they are not as compelling or as dynamic as the other Advent (Jensen) era Speakers I have in service in my listening studio. But, they are still very nice for all other kinds of music.





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